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QSL Cards

In late 1977 when I was just out of high school, for a brief spurt of time I decided to collect QSL cards from AM radio stations.

The urge didn't last, though. The following is all I have to show for it:

  • KBOI 670, Boise, Idaho
  • KOB 770, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • PJB 800, Trans World Radio, Bonaire
  • WBAP 820, Fort Worth, Texas
  • WHAS 840, Louisville, Kentucky
  • WWL 870, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • KDKA 1020, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • KTWO 1030, Casper, Wyoming

  • Here are some newer ones

  • KCKN 1020, Roswell, New Mexico
  • KBOI 670, Boise, Idaho