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Mesa Mike's DX logbooks

SW - La Serena

Shortwave Loggings From La Serena, Chile 2016 - 2019

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7425 (TWR)
AREUnited Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Al Dabiya - 19 Feb 2019 0330 UTC - Trans World Radio Africa - Interval signal repeated and interspersed with voice announcement, "You are tuned to the international voice of Trans World Radio" for a couple of minutes, then into a program in what the internet sources say is the Oromo language. (New)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra - 23 Jan 2018 2256 - R. Santa Cruz -- with choppy audio problems making it unpleasant to listen to. Some commercials, ID at about 2258, into music. A short while later, dropped carrier. 10kW (SDRPlay) (New)
Lhasa-Baiding - 20 Jan 2018 1827 - PBS Zizang -- With fluttery signal caused by co-channel interference from probably Red Patria Nueva. Music, some announcements that I don't understand, more music after BOH. Reportedly transmitting in Tibeten language. 100 kW (SDRPlay) (New)
4985 ZY?
GO Goiania - 18 Jan 2018 2230 - R. Brasil Central -- Playing music with female giving time checks in between songs, and a station jingle/slogan every once in a while. Tough listening because of some kind of utility RTTY interference and generally static noisy conditions. 10 kW (SDRPlay). (New)
4885 ZYF201
AC Rio Branco - 10 Jan 2018 2203 - R. Difusora Acreana -- With news items, a string of commercials then station ID mentioning name, MW and SW frequencies and power. (SDRPlay) (New)
4930 (VOA)
Selebi-Phikwe - 10 Feb 2018 2112 - Voice of America -- With music, quick mention of "African hits on Voice of America" in between songs. (SDRPlay) (New)
6025 CP5
La Paz - 19 May 2016 2235 - Red Patria Nueva -- In decently despite the slop from R. Martí 0n 6030 and a 1khz het from somewhere whistling away.. Playing Andean type music, then some slogans and finally ID with some frequencies on FM just before TOH, then into a news program. [audio clip] 10kW, (SDRPlay). (New)
4895 ZYR200
MS Campo Grande - 20 Jan 2016 2350 - R. Novo Tempo -- Decent signal, fighting a little bit with lightning static crashes. Playing soft worship/praise music and "Radio Novo Tempo" announcement inserted every so often between songs. At TOH, a long singing jingle, some announcements, more jingles, then back to music. [Audio clip]. 5 kW (SDRPlay) (New)
4865 ZYF203
AC Cruzeiro do Sul - 19 Jan 2016 2200 - R. Verdes Florestas -- Verified by comparing to online stream. Sometime after the other Brazilian dropped carrier, this one came on. Fairly strong signal, but bothered a bit by something weak on adjacent 4860 kHz. Music, with a lively announcer. 5 kW (SDRPlay) (New)
4865 UNID
(Unknown) - 19 Jan 2016 2115 - Probably R. Alvorada -- Strong signal, news in Portuguese, including an item with the Pope saying something (in Portuguese), a quick announcement of some sort that might be identifying, but I can't understand it. Then carrier dropped suddenly at 2117. [Audio clip] (SDRPlay) (Tentative)
4845 ZYF278
AM Manaus - 19 Jan 2016 2000 - R. Cultural Ondas Manaus -- Tentative, but news in Portuguese with many mentions of Manaus. Fighting with lightning static tonight. 10 kW (SDRPlay) (Tentative)
4748 OAZ5B
Huanta - 18 Jan 2016 2050 - R. Huanta 2000 -- With singing typical of Peru (man singing with a high-pitched woman singing an octave above), then some public service announcements to top of hour, another song, then ID at 2106 giving callsigns and frequencies for SW and AM. Dropped carrier at 2130. [Audio clip] Listed as 500 Watts. (SDRPlay) (New)
4955 OAX5S
Huanta - 18 Jan 2016 2019 - R. Cultural Amauta -- 20 minute string of ads, then a quick ID announcement mentioning name of station, city and FM frequency. [Audio clip]. 5 kW (SDRPlay) (New)
5940 ZY????
SC Camboriú - 17 Jan 2016 0255 - R. Voz Missionária -- Religious programming in Portuguese, then ID announcement in English, "You are listening to Missionary Voice Radio, a radio station from the missionary system of communication." then continuing in Portuguese with frequencies and power and a jingle [Audio clip]. 10 kW (SDRPlay) (New)
5952 CP60
Potosí Llallagua/Campamento Siglo XX - 16 Jan 2016 2340 - R. Pio XII Siglo XX -- "Radio Pio Doce Siglo Veinte." A singing jingle, then a lengthy ID announcement that included AM, SW and FM frequencies, website address, etc, all the while with a whistling version of the Colonel Bogey March playing in the background. [Audio clip] 5kW (SDRPlay) (New)
5025 OAX7Q
Cusco - 16 Jan 2016 2150 - R. Quillabamba -- A long string of Rosary chants that seemed to last forever, then ID at TOH. Low growl caused by co-channel interference (probably Cuba) made it hard listening. [Audio clip] 500 Watts, (SDRPlay) (New)
4775 OCX4E
Tarma - 15 Jan 2016 2203 - R. Tarma -- ID with callsigns for AM (OCX4J), FM (OCW4A) and SW (OCX4E) stations at 2103. [Audio Clip], 1 kW (SDRPlay) (New)